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EcoSEC HT is a dedicated high temperature GPC system, which basic concept prioritizes practical utility such as stability, high sensitivity, high-speed start-up, etc. In addition, safety and environmental friendliness are well considered. The GPC system would be beneficial to GPC measurement for polymers which dissolve in organic solvent at only high temperature.

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Feartures of the EcoSEC HT System

Compatible up to 220 °C

Applicable to polymers, which dissolve in organic solvent at high temperature, eg: PPS, PE , PP, PET etc.


Stable baseline

Refractive index detector (RI detector), which consists of double path & double flow system improved its stability by optimization of temperature control system for optical block.

High-speed start-up

High-speed start-up is realized by built-in heater dedicated for RI detector. GPC measurement can be started in 3 hours under the condition of ODCB solvent at 145 °C.


Well organized safety system

As the GPC system is safety considered, auto-lock doors are equipped to column oven and auto-sampler. Duct for local ventilation also is equipped in Auto-sampler unit.


Easy operation

Using GPC workstation ‘8321GPC-WS’, the system can be easily operated through warm-up, analysis and shut-down. The main unit can also be independently controlled using operator panel on the hardware. Report can be customized by report/layout system in the software.


Global standard

Compliant with FDA 21 CFR Part 11*
(* Authentication using User ID and password, logout when finished, software validation, etc.)



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