EcoSEC GPC Ambient System

Calibration Standards

PStQuick polystyrene calibration standards

PStQuick polystyrene calibration standards contain pre-mixed quantities of polystyrene polymers in autosampler vials for the calibration of GPC columns. Addition of solvent is all that is required for easy preparation and analysis. 12 different kits containing polystyrene polymers of various molar masses are available. Of the 12 kits, 9 are individual kits, each containing 3 to 5 polystyrene polymers. The remaining 3 are composite kits containing 2 or 3 of the individual kits.

PStQuick MP kits for calibrating TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ columns  

  • PStQuick MP-N for TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ-N
  • PStQuick MP-M for TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ-M
  • PStQuick MP-H for TSKgel SuperMultiporeHZ-H


PStQuick kits to calibrate other TSKgel GPC columns and GPC columns from other manufacturers

  • PStQuick Kit-L for calibrating TSKgel mixed-bed N-type columns
  • PStQuick Kit-M for calibrating TSKgel mixed-bed M-type columns
  • PStQuick Kit-H for calibrating TSKgel mixed-bed H-type columns

The concentrations of the polystyrene standards in the premixed vials vary from a low of 0.2mg/mL to a high of 1.6mg/mL.

All PStQuick polystyrene calibration standards are available for reordering.

Contents of each kit
For example, PStQuick Kit-M contains 20 vials each of grades C and D.

Calibration Mixtures
A B C D E F G H Vials 
PStQuick MP-N SuperMultipore
        X 60
PStQuick MP-M SuperMultipore
            X   60
PStQuick MP-H SuperMultipore
  X             60
PStQuick Kit -H
(High MW)
Mixed Bed
X X X           60
(3 x 20)
PStQuick Kit -M
(Medium MW)
Mixed Bed
    X X         40
(2 x 20)
PStQuick Kit -L
(Low MW)
Mixed Bed
        X X     40
(2 x 20)

Nominal MW of Kit Components

For example, grade B contains polystyrene polymers of nominal molecular weights 5,480,000 - 706,000, 96,400 - 10,200 and 1,000. In the above Table it is shown that grade B is part of PStQuick MP-H and PStQuick Kit-H.

Polystyrene MW A B C D E F G H
8,420,000 X
5,480,000 X
2,890,000 X
1,090,000 X X
706,000 X X
355,000 X X
190,000 X X X
96,400 X X
37,900 X X X
18,100 X X X
10,200 X
5,970 X X X X
2,500 X X X
1,000 X X
500 X X X X

Procedure - Simply add solvent, mix and inject onto the GPC column.