EcoSEC Elite

Software Specifications

Data Acquisition Specifications
Input 2-channel (RI, UV or external detector) / I/O connection necessary
Acquisition time 0.0 to 300.0 minutes
Acquisition interval 10 ms or more (10 ms steps). Upper limit: 1,000 ms

Calibration Specifications
Calibration curve approximation First-degree expression
3rd-degree expression
3rd-degree expression + hyperbola
5th-degree expression
7th-degree expression
7th-degree expression (odd power)
7th-degree expression (odd power) + hyperbola
Calibration curve correction Mark-Houwink
Q factor
Polymerization degree

Calculations Specifications
Quantitative calculation specific to GPC Molar mass averages (Mn, Mw, and Mz )
Polydispersity Index (PDI)
Cumulative/differential molar mass distributions
Concentration ratio
Special calculation function Internal standard correction function
Copolymer analysis
Molar mass fraction specific calculation
Calculation range specification
Lag time correction
Calculation standard ASTM®
ISO 16014
Tosoh Standard

Control Specifications
Warm up and shut down timers Daily
RI and UV detector auto balance Optional prior to injection

Column Test Specifications
Parameter Theoretical plate number
Symmetry factor
Half bandwidth

FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Specifications
Functionality Software validation, authentication by user ID and password, log out, and audit trail