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Code Flyer/Poster
F21I15A EcoSEC Flyer
P16I06A Column Selection Guide for polymer analysis



Code  Brochures 
B15I28A EcoSEC High Temperature GPC System 
B15L37A  TSKgel GPC Columns 


Application Notes

Code  Application Notes 
A19I02A Characterization of hydroxyethyl starch
A18I03A  Determination of the molar mass distribution of phenol formaldehyde resins using GPC
A17I36A GPC: A tool to determine the process property relations in polyvinyl chloride (PVC) 
A17I22A  GPC Application Notebook 
A17I21A  Monitoring single-chain nanoparticle formation and characterization of nanoparticles 
A17I20A  Analysis of asphalt binders 
A17I19A  Molar mass determination of a synthetic rubber resin 
A17I17A Analysis of hyaluronic acid using EcoSEC 
A17I16A Characterization of a plastic alternative via GPC: Polyhydroxybutyrate 
A17I15A Analysis of polymers for therapeutics 
A17I14A Photodegradable polymer degradation analysis 
A17I11A  Analysis of renewable based polymers 
A17I10A  Analysis of virgin and recycled nylon 
A17I09A  Analysis of gradient copolymer 
A17I08A  Characterization of a conducting polymer 
A17I07A  Analysis of hydroxycellulose in personal care products 
A17I06A  Analysis of polypropylene copolymer samples 
A15I78A Polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) analysis 
A15L56A Analysis of water-soluble polymers using linear Size Exclusion HPLC columns and a semi-micro system  
A15L42A TSKgel high temperature GPC column durability
A15I41A Characterization of sugar beet pectin using EcoSEC coupled to multi-angle light scattering, quasi-elastic light scattering, and differential viscometry
A15I40A An approach to failure analysis of PC/ABS resins used in automobile parts: molar mass determination via Gel Permeation Chromatography 
A15I39A Synthesis monitoring and oligomeric analysis of PEGylated polymers
A15I38A Molar mass measurements of an isocyanate modified polyurethane prepolymer in less than an hour