EcoSEC and EcoSEC HT GPC Systems

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Save up to 85% solvent and 50% analysis time in polymer analysis



Conventional GPC systems often cause operating costs of nearly 200,000 € per year for the consumption of solvents.

Thanks to the compact design and the use of micro-GPC columns, Tosoh's EcoSEC systems save up to 85% of solvent costs annually. 



Also: large laboratory GPC systems with the conventional 7.8 mm x 30 cm columns often require long start-up and analysis times.

Tosoh's EcoSEC compact systems offer the same efficiency at 50% less analysis time.


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Our EcoSEC and EcoSEC HT systems analyze all types of synthetic and natural polymers  
Thermoplastic Elastomers 


At ambient temperature up to 60 °C

EcoSEC Ambient Instrument

At high temperature up to 220 °C

EcoSEC High Temperature Instrument